Women’s Sabrina Deluxe Coat Costume RU701467

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A New WitchSabrina is way different than we remember! She started out as a teenage girl who learned that you can’t solve all of your problems with magic (the 90s were a totally different area). Now, in the reimagining of the classic series, she’s using her magic to fend off the forces of evil and to protect her friends. If you’re looking to indulge in your own magical powers, then this Women’s Sabrina Deluxe Coat Costume is the perfect way to get into character.Fun DetailsInspired by Sabrina Spellman’s signature look, this deluxe coat costume comes with a red coat that’s made out of polyester material. The coat fits with buttons in the front and even has 2 front pockets, perfect for fitting a few magical items inside. The black headband comes with an elastic band to provide a snug fit. Both pieces come together to create the perfect cosplay outfit!

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Scary Costume Ideas RU701467

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Wear the coat of Sabrina, from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with this near identical Sabrina Women’s Deluxe Coat Costume. Cast spells and fight demons in high fashion!
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Category : Scary Costume Ideas
Size : M,S

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