Trolls Guy Diamond Toddler Costume FUN1524TD

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Product : Trolls Costumes
Model : FUN1524TD
Size : 4T,18MO,2T

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Glitter Is the Answer. What Was the Question? What do almost all toddlers love love LOVE (besides not going to bed on time)? Why, glitter, of course! It’s so sparkly! So great for decorating their best drawings and their most inspired craft projects! So good at getting into everything, especially the things that don’t necessarily need bedazzling, like their parent’s car, or their sibling’s Transformers toy, or their own bed….anyway, is it any wonder that one of the most beloved Trolls is Guy Diamond? The friendly, hug-giving Snack Pak member is basically a walking disco ball, making everyone happy with his shiny self! Product DetailsYour little one can dress as his or her favorite Troll, thanks to this exclusive, officially licensed Trolls Guy Diamond Costume for Toddlers! The one-piece jumpsuit zips up the back to make dressing a breeze. It’s made of gorgeous, metallic fabric that catches the light and glitters with every movement. Stuffed cushion material is sewn into the tummy and bottom to give it Guy’s huggable shape. The included wrist-length gloves have a thumb and three fingers each, just like the Trolls, and the shoe covers secure over your child’s regular footwear. The wig with synthetic white hair also features glittery foam ears sewn to each side. The green foam nose secures around the head with an elastic band. I Can Squeeze You ForeverBesides loving glitter, we bet your toddler has one more similarity to Guy Diamond: He’s probably great at giving hugs to his friends and family! This Trolls-inspired costume is so much fun to wear that we bet they’ll still want to put it on well  after Halloween is over. 

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Trolls Costumes FUN1524TD

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Your toddler will shine bright like a diamond in this Trolls Guy Diamond Toddler Costume. Do not worry we are sure they will love the attention.
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Trolls Costumes
Size : 4T,18MO,2T

Product Name : Trolls Guy Diamond Toddler Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Gifts
Product Categories : Trolls Gifts
Product Model : Trolls Costumes FUN1524TD with Polyester