Toy Story Bo Peep Dog Costume RU200614

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Time to Count Your SheepNeed a good shepherdess at home? You need the renowned little Bo Peep to help you. Why go with any random version of this iconic Mother Goose character? Don’t settle for less when we have the best available right here. Toy Story always had the best Bo Peep. Woody’s gal could herd sheep better than any other Bo Peep around. No need for you to toss on the pink dress and matching bonnet when you have your pup ready to take on the role. This Bo Peep Dog costume will be the perfect costume for your little furball this Halloween.A Peep at the DetailsMake your furry friend even more adorable this October with this insanely cute costume. It consists of only two pieces. First, add the dress portion of the costume. It is pink with a white and pink polka-dotted skirt. There are two stuffed arms attached, one of them holding Bo Peep’s light blue staff. The pink bonnet has an attached wig that will give your puppy gorgeous golden locks.Toy Around This YearYour pup will be herding sheep with ease in no time with this adorable costume. You can join in on the fun too. Just take a look at our other Toy Story-themed costumes!

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Toy Story Costumes RU200614

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Fans of Toy Story would not want to miss out on the Toy Story Bo Peep Dog Costume. The perfect addition to any costume or if you just want your dog to like very cute.
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