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Get-Sweets-Quick SchemeYour child has never been interested in get-rich-quick schemes. They don’t ask to use the lawnmower in the summer and offer to trim the neighbor’s yards for $10-$20 donations. They’ve never offered to shovel driveways and sidewalks in an attempt to pad their piggy bank. Not once have they set up a folding table on the corner and sold $1 cups of lemonade and $2 plates of cookies. However, every fall they close themselves into their bedroom and brainstorm new and better ways to fill their treat bag with more candy than their fellow trick-or-treaters.This year they think they’ve struck gold. With a full presentation, board prepared they sat you down to pitch their new idea. To maximize their candy haul, your child wants to become a giant pinata. Their theory: a clever candy-centric costume would encourage neighbors to offer a few extra pieces of chocolatey or fruity candy to fill the oversized party decoration.Fun DetailsYou can’t deny your child’s inventiveness and this Inflatable Pinata Costume might just prove their theory right! Get them ready for a Halloween to remember in this festive ensemble. Layers of brightly colored polyester give the llama-shaped costume its traditional pinata look. A zipper closure and elastic arm and leg holes secure your child inside their clever costume. A cut-out head hole gives your child full-visibility under the large hood. Inflate the costume to its full size with the provided fan, that’s powered by 4 AA batteries.Pinata PrerogativeYour child is already planning on filling up on candy after trick-or-treating, so get them ready to overindulge in style with this Kids Inflatable Pinata Costume. This funny costume will have your kid feeling like the life of the party whether they keep each sweet treat for themselves or share the wealth with everyone at home!

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Be the life of your next special occasion with the really cool Kids Inflatable Pinata Costume. Gift the party with treats and sweets with this costume.
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