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About those Tale TalesWhen we first decided to pay tribute to one of the most mysterious creatures in American folklore, we had gotten used to seeing Paul and Babe as fiberglass roadside attractions instead of flesh-and-blood companions. So it took us a while to figure out that the hunky lumberjack and the bovine dreamboat had that kind of chemistry!But wonderful discoveries always seem to happen when you explore a character’s deepest fears and fantasies by writing immersive, collaborative fanfiction. And by the final chapter of the epic graphic novel trilogy that we created during our research for this costume, we all felt it. This wasn’t just a routine story about a couple of logging buddies battling for survival in an irradiated tundra ruled by mutant polar bear warlords and marauding gangs of biker penguins. Nope! These two were clearly in love.We were just as surprised as you, but we couldn’t come up with anything else that captured our imaginations in quite the same way. A young sports reporter named Paul Bunyan reliving the glory days of Pre-war baseball through the recollections of an aging slugger nicknamed “The Blue Ox?” Snoozefest. A single mom named Babe turning to a life of crime to feed her gargantuan infant son and his ever-growing appetite? Way too stressful. So, once we pinned down Babe’s origins, this eye-catching icy blue outfit practically designed and made itself!Fun detailsThis Babe the Blue Ox Costume is a svelte blue ox ensemble that pairs nicely with a conventional lumberjack look, but it should make people think twice about the way they tell tall tales! It comes with tank top a mini dress in blue, with faux fur accents. And the faux fur blue hood with horns really adds that oxen appeal! Pick up white tights and blue leg warmers to complete the look as we have it pictured, and be sure to shop all of our costumes if you have a friend who might be so inclined as to dress up as Paul Bunyan.

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Folklore & Mythology Costumes FUN2916AD

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Hey Babe! Once you wear our Sexy Babe the Blue Ox Costume, people will understand why Paul Bunyan swings his axe around you!!
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