Sesame Street Infant Oscar the Grouch Costume DI115419

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Product : Infant Costumes
Model : DI115419
Size : 3T/4T,12/18mo

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A Regiment of RubbishThere’s a place for everyone on Sesame Street. There’s a place for those who love rubber duckies, words, and numbers. There’s a place for creatures who’d like to be friends with everyone and those who are very shy. That’s the beauty of Sesame Street. Even though everyone has their differences, they’re neighbors all the same. Oscar the Grouch is extra different from most characters on Sesame Street. Instead of duckies and friendship, he prefers sorting through all the treasures that get thrown in the trash! And hey, we think he’s a delightful if surly addition to the neighborhood. Does your kiddo embrace this edgy character? Then this fully-licensed and fully-adorable Oscar the Grouch costume will be the perfect selection for this Halloween!Fun DetailsThis costume is surprisingly simple for a character that’s wearing a trash can! In fact, the featured tunic is one piece with a green faux fur top and a foam tin printed trash can at the bottom. The bottom has handles at the bottom and a “Scram” sign on the can while his pet worm, Slimey is sewn into the fur of the top. A sculpted hood featuring Oscar’s huge eyes and his soulful, bushy eyebrows tops the whole ensemble off with a flourish!

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Infant Costumes DI115419

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While they may be grouchy, they can still be adorable in this Sesame Street Infant Oscar the Grouch Costume for all your costume party needs! This costume features a full length tunic style costume, with Oscar’s iconic green fur from the head to the waist
Product Group : Costumes
Category : Infant Costumes
Size : 3T/4T,12/18mo

Product Name : Sesame Street Infant Oscar the Grouch Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Costumes
Product Categories : Kids Costumes
Product Model : Infant Costumes DI115419 with Polyester

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