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So Much YikesIt doesn’t matter how brave you are, there are just some things that no one wants to find in their home. Spiders, for instance: We bet even Chuck Norris doesn’t love walking into a sticky, face-high web or seeing one of those eight legs waving at him when he pulls back his bedsheets. You might someone who loves clowns, but you probably wouldn’t enjoy spotting one beckoning you from inside a storm drain – not even if they promise to teach you to float. And we bet that the Rock himself would freak out if he looked in his mirror and found this guy staring back at him. *Full body shiver.* Nope. Just nope. Product DetailsBe the stuff that nightmares are made of when you put on this Kid’s Scary Laughing Man Costume! The jumpsuit-style outfit has a zipper on the back for easy dressing when you’re in a hurry to go scare someone. The top part features black and white striped sleeves ending in bandaged black fingers, and faux suspenders printed on top of the white “shirt.” The bottom portion is printed to look like a pair of raggedy-edged shorts worn over a pair of black-and-white-striped knee socks. The hood covers your entire head and gives you faux hair, hollow-looking eyes, a pointy striped nose, and a soulless evil grin. You might scare yourself when you wear it! Public Service AnnouncementWarning! A Laughing Man has been spotted on this street! If you see him, try your best to remain calm and give him all of the Halloween candy you have. We heard he likes chocolate. 

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Boys Costumes MPKPLJS

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Scare your neighbors with the Kid’s Scary Laughing Man Costume. Who knows, maybe you’ll score some extra candy?
Product Group : Costumes
Category : Boys Costumes
Size : M,S,L

Product Name : Scary Laughing Man Costume for Kids
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Costumes
Product Categories : Kids Costumes
Product Model : Boys Costumes MPKPLJS with Polyblend

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