Sassy Girl Women’s Power Pop Star Costume FUN6792AD

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You’re a Star! Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are great and all, but they wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t paved the way for them! We’re going back to 90s pop era when leopard print was a THING and girl power anthems were just beginning to be all the rage. Who didn’t want to tune in to MTV and watch an amazing girl group sing about #relatable stuff and do backflips off of fancy hotel tables? That kind of fierceness never goes out of style, so if you want to start up your own band – or just look like you belong in one for Halloween! – take some inspiration from the greats and get ready to sing your heart out. Product DetailsYou’re so awesome it’s scary! This exclusive Women’s Sassy Girl Power Pop Star Costume will have you belting out classic pop anthems with all the style of a superstar. The long open-fronted jacket is made of leopard print fabric and looks perfect over the included black bandeau top. Broad black lapels made of faux fur gives the jacket extra star power. The black booty shorts match the bandeau top and are perfect for performing those killer dance moves. Slip on the leopard print boot tops and you’re all set for your music video debut! Take the Stage If what you want, what you really, really want is an amazing costume, this outfit has you covered! Find some like-minded friends who want to coordinate their looks or go as a solo act. Either one will bring the house down! 

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Sexy Costumes FUN6792AD

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Get dolled up to take the stage in our Women’s Sassy Girl Power Pop Star Costume. This exclusive costume will give you that Scary Spice look.
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Size : XS

Product Name : Sassy Girl Women’s Power Pop Star Costume
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