Santa Pup Dog Costume CAPET20131

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He’s chasing the cat and begging for chicken and riceHe can be sassy but he’s usually niceSanta Pup is coming to town!Any minute now he’s going to come tearing into the kitchen because he heard the crinkling of a potato chip bag. His big watery eyes, little black snout, and soft white tufts of fur make him nearly irresistible. He’s your best friend, your beloved bowwow, your little fur baby, he’s your dog, but he can be Santa pup! If you want your doggy to participate in all the holiday festivities you look forward to every year, then outfit your fluffy Fido in this Santa dog costume. Now your pooch can attend Christmas parties and ugly sweater parties with charming yuletide style. Fasten the soft coat around his body, place the hat on top of his cute little hat, and he’ll be raring to get a little bit of affection from everyone, except he’ll be the one sitting on everyone’s lap, not the other way around!          

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Christmas Costumes CAPET20131

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This Santa Pup Dog Costume is the perfect way to include your fur friend in the holiday festivities. You can easily fasten the soft coat around the animals body and place the hat on top of it’s head for a comfortable fit.
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Christmas Costumes
Size : XS

Product Name : Santa Pup Dog Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Gifts
Product Categories : Christmas Gifts
Product Model : Christmas Costumes CAPET20131 with Polyester

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