Plus Size Plug and Socket Costume RA8244

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Product : Funny Costume Ideas
Model : RA8244
Size : PL

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PLUG AND SOCKET This funny couples costume is sure to get a laugh, but if you break it down you’ll find it actually comes with a nice sentiment too, just hear us out. What good is a plug without a socket? A cord and plug with nowhere to be plugged in accomplishes nothing! You’ll get no power and no electricity, making it effectively useless without a socket! And what good is a socket if there are no plugs? Sure, it has the electricity, the ability to power our phones, microwaves, and blowdryers, but without a plug to transfer that electricity to our tools, sockets are also effectively useless! So, basically, either of these two things is useless, unless it has the other. That’s the message behind this costume. That you and whoever you wear this costume with, need each other. One is simply not complete without the other! FUN DETAILS This package comes with not one, but two costumes! You’ll have the plug, which is made out of foam and comes with the cord attached. You don’t have to wear black underneath, but black does make for a nice quiet backdrop! And for the second person, you’ll have the socket costume! This tunic style piece has two sockets on it, and flaps that open on the bottom socket for the prongs to go in! These costumes were made for each other, just like a real plug and socket! ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONWhen you get this costume, don’t be afraid to use a little electrical humor! You could tell your socket counterpart “I feel like we have some kind of connection. Oh, that’s right, an electrical connection!” This is sure to get a laugh. Well, it’s not sure to get a laugh, we figure you’ll probably get a laugh one out of three tries. The odds could be worse, right? Good luck! 

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Funny Costume Ideas RA8244

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Spark up the fun with our Plus Size Plug and Socket Costume. This electrifying ensemble combines humor and creativity, making you and your partner the perfect pair for any costume event.
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Funny Costume Ideas
Size : PL

Product Name : Plus Size Plug and Socket Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Gifts
Product Categories : Funny Gift Ideas
Product Model : Funny Costume Ideas RA8244 with Polyester

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