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Product : Deadpool Costumes
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What’s this? A costume of everyone’s favorite anti-hero? Yes, please!What do you mean you want to be Deadpool? We want to be Deadpool! We’ve been making Betty White jokes all morning and practicing our chimichanga eating skills since last week! We’ve got zingy one-liners and fourth-wall-breaking jokes! What do you have?Oh. You say you have experience with all forms of weapons? You’re a master with just about any firearm and you have martial artist mastery, including with the katana? Well, so what? Just because you can get all fancy when you’re kicking tookus doesn’t mean squat. We’re pretty sure that we could handle Francis with an uzi and a good sense of humor, sans sword. What’s that? You also have a healing factor to rival Wolverine’s? Well, we can’t really compete with that. Trust us. We’ve tried and the lunchroom competition didn’t go very well. Oh well. We suppose that would make you the best Pool for the job after all. Only you can’t go after Francis like that. You’ll want to cover up. Look intimidating. Maybe something in red so we don’t see the blood stains? Something like this Plus Size Deluxe Deadpool Movie Costume. It’s a polyester jumpsuit with sculpted fiberfill muscles in the chest and shoulders to make you look all ripped. There’s a foam belt, a fabric hood with mesh eye-coverings, and Hook and Loop fastener for easy changing. Don’t want you getting stuck in some phone booth for ages, trying to swap costumes because but the dang zipper won’t work. How embarrassing would that be, right? Anyhow, good luck out there! Maximum effort!

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Deadpool Costumes RU17971

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Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the blockbuster movies, this Plus Size Deluxe Deadpool Movie Men’s Costume is the perfect choice for embodying the irreverent and witty character of Deadpool.
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Product Name : Plus Size Deluxe Deadpool Movie Men’s Costume
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