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UNDER THE SEAIf there is one mythical creature we wish was real, it’s mermaids. Just imagine having another human-like species on the planet, except living underwater! Just imagine what it’d be like to be a mermaid. You’d wake up each morning in your home made of coral, and walk over to your patio to watch the sun illuminate the water. Then, you could have yourself a hearty breakfast of clams and oysters, before playing with your pet dolphin. After playing with your pet dolphin, you should probably be off to work! It just so happens that you work as a traffic director at a particularly busy intersection on your reef, so you head over and help direct the cargo whales for the day… Man, sounds like a pretty interesting way to spend a day, right? The only issue we can think of is how would you ever cook food underwater? FUN DETAILS This costume comes as one long dress, with the bottom half of the dress detailed in shimmering blue and purple scales, with poofy lace at the bottom to look like a tail! There is also lace detailing around the waist, where you change from half fish to half human! The top half of the dress is decorated with ocean like swirls, to remind you of your home in the sea. The final touch for this costume is the headband around your head, which comes in the same blue and purple as your dress. MERMAIDWe think you are going to have an amazing time dressing up in our mysterious mermaid costume, this costume is simply too pretty to fail! Whether you trick or treat on land or at sea, make sure your careful, and if you’re in the ocean, just stay away from any sharks! 

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Mermaid Costumes IN18036

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Turn you child in to a mythological creature when you put them in this Mysterious Mermaid Tween Costume.
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Size : XS,XL,S,M,L

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