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S.H.A.Z.A.M.Is your child ready to harness the power of Shazam? You know, the Wisdom of Solomon and the Strength of Hercules. He must wield the Stamina of Atlas and the Power of Zeus.  He must have the Courage of Achilles and the Speed of Mercury! But, more importantly, your child must be ready to wear the bright red outfit of a superhero (complete with a cape). Think your child’s up to it? Well, maybe you should get the outfit first and see how your child handles the responsibility of being a superhero!The good news is that we have this Shazam! Deluxe Child Costume gives your young one the opportunity to feel like a superhero!Fun DetailsThis officially licensed DC costume starts off with a brilliant, bright red jumpsuit. It stretches to fit and even has fiberfill muscle padding in the chest and arms to give your child a look that’s as strong as Hercules. The exterior even has printed textures on it to recreate the look from the movie. The suit fits with a fastener at the back of the costume for a secure fit. The costume also features foam gauntlets and a pair of boot covers on the pant legs. The chest has a bright yellow lightning bolt symbol in the middle. The foam belt fits around the waist and fits with a fastener in the back. To top off the look, the white cape attaches to the shoulders to make your child feel as fast as Mercury!Superhero Test RunIf your child wants to take a shot at the superhero game, then this Shazam costume is their chance to give it a test run. If your child does well as a new superhero, then who knows? The real wizard Shazam might appear and grant your child some real superpowers!

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Boys Costumes RU700706

There are many brands that you could purchase a lot of silk gold curtains on the web. One of the most well-known goods is the Kid’s Shazam! Deluxe Costume RU700706. Once you’ve purchased your brand-new Kids Costumes, it is essential to learn about onpar gps so that you can meet a quality of products. Thanks to the modern technology, shopping for such goods is not only restricted to online stores any more. So you can see how advantageous when you want to buy Boys Costumes RU700706 with Polyester from online store. The internet made it possible for e-commerce to be able to exist. You can read customer reviews to help you pick the best 1 for your home. Comparison cost is also available to get the products with reasonable price. One big advantage of purchasing such things online is the variety on offer. Many of the classic stores shoppers patronize on a daily basis also have a web-based existence. You can be confident when buy Boys Costumes from here. This particular Boys Costumes made from high quality materials. Many shoppers are happy to purchase this product on the internet, but online item shopping has seen increased growth. You can take your time for searching product from this site to get the best one each day.
Let him put his powers to the test while wearing this officially licensed Shazam! Deluxe Kids Costume! This 100% polyester costume is perfect for any young aspiring superhero.
Product Group : Costumes
Category : Boys Costumes
Size : XL,L

Product Name : Kid’s Shazam! Deluxe Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Costumes
Product Categories : Kids Costumes
Product Model : Boys Costumes RU700706 with Polyester

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