Kid’s Ghostbusters Deluxe Stay Puft Costume PR5057

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Product : Ghostbusters Costumes
Model : PR5057
Size : 18/2T

Price : $79.99
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Where to Buy Ghostbusters Costumes PR5057 with Polyester

For a sailor that’s just arrived in New York, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man made a pretty unforgettable, impression! Maybe it was his large, genuine grin that caught people’s eyes as he strode through the city. Perhaps it was his confident stride in his adorable sailor ensemble. Most likely? It was that pure evil growl and his gargantuan size. No one could forget this adorable yet dangerous and sticky monstrosity! Now, all of New York doesn’t turn around and run when your kiddo comes on the scene. That’s probably a good thing! But your charming child does grab people’s attention in other ways. Consider, if you will, your little one’s adorable giggle or the way they stick their belly out when they run. How could people not turn their heads and smile at such a cute sight? Your cute kid could probably take over New York, no car smashing, God Zuul, or stickiness necessary. Honestly, Mr. Stay. Pufft could probably learn a thing or two from your child. You catch more mortals with honey, not vinegar! Your little one can give the Stay Pufft man another chance to prove himself a sweet as his sugary self should suggest with this well-rounded ensemble. The tunic has a rounded torso with a satiny collar, puffed layered sleeves, and attached mittens. The pants match the puff layered look of the sleeves and are attached to boot covers. Finish it off the adorable Stay hood with the “Stay Pufft” cap and your little one will be ready to take on the world. An outfit this cute is sure to passive even the aggressive God, Zuul. Now, all you have to do is get the Ghostbusters lined up and ready for any mischief!

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Ghostbusters Costumes PR5057

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With this adorable Kid’s Ghostbusters Deluxe Stay Puft Costume your little one can become the cutest ghost that the Ghostbusters encounter on Halloween night!
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Ghostbusters Costumes
Size : 18/2T

Product Name : Kid’s Ghostbusters Deluxe Stay Puft Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Gifts
Product Categories : Ghostbusters Gifts
Product Model : Ghostbusters Costumes PR5057 with Polyester

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