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Product : Frozen Costumes
Model : RU201022
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Oh, Look at ThatDo you want to build a snowman? Wait. Is there even snow on the ground? Is it the right kind of snow? Building a snowman is more difficult than most people think. There are a lot of variables. How about you skip the whole thing and instead turn your pup into a lovable snowman. We’re not just talking about any snowman either. We are talking about, the one and only, Olaf from the hit movie Frozen! Fun DetailsThis costume will transform your pup into this hilarious Disney character with ease. No magic needed. Simply toss the shirt on your dog. It is designed to look just like Olaf’s body. There are three rock-looking buttons going down the snow-white shirt. Attached are two stick arms. Next, add the hood to your furball’s head. On it is Olaf’s face; his eyes, bucktooth smile, and carrot nose. His twiggy hairdo sticks out on the top of the hood as well. A Dream Come TrueYou can finally have a snowman that can follow you anywhere without melting. He may not be able to join in on any musical numbers with you. However, we’re sure you’ll still get plenty of laughs watching your pup walk around in this costume.

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Frozen Costumes RU201022

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Where would Else be without Olaf? Finish your costume with her trusty sidekick and your favorite dog! or just get this for your dog it’s very cute!
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Frozen Costumes
Size : L,XL,S,M

Product Name : Frozen Olaf Dog Costume
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Product Model : Frozen Costumes RU201022 with Polyester