Elf Pup Dog Costume CAPET20132

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Product : Christmas Costumes
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Where to Buy Christmas Costumes CAPET20132 with Polyester

Dressing up your fur baby as one of Santa’s jolly helpers is quite the paradox because your pooch hasn’t helped out with any of the holiday hoopla one bit. In fact, he’s been quite the hindrance. You nearly tripped over him while baking Santa shaped sugar cookies in the kitchen and he kept trying to chew on all the bows when you were busy wrapping presents. But you could never be mad at your 4-legged best friend; he’ll always be on your personal “nice list” even when he’s been nothing but naughty because no many how many times he chews your shoes, you can’t help but love the scruffy little guy.Dress him up in this elf pup dog costume to create the cutest canine contradiction ever. No, he hasn’t been helping you with the holidays but he’s been filling your heart with plenty of love and that’s the best gift of all, isn’t it? The costume features a stuffed belly and arms with a printed belt and a matching hat, which fastens around the chin via an elastic strap. Attach the included plush bone to the Hook and Loop fastener tabs so he looks like he’s carrying a bone to Christmas Day dinner. He may not ever offer you a helping hand (well, because he has paws), but he’ll definitely be the most adorable holiday mascot you’ve ever seen!  

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Christmas Costumes CAPET20132

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Your pet can dress up as one of Santa’s helpers in this adorable Elf Pup Dog costume. This costume includes a printed belt and matching hat, which fits securely around the chin with an elastic strap.
Product Group : Gifts
Category : Christmas Costumes
Size : L,M,S,XS

Product Name : Elf Pup Dog Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Gifts
Product Categories : Christmas Gifts
Product Model : Christmas Costumes CAPET20132 with Polyester

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