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Ho Ho Ho Woof Meow! Did you know that besides being an adorable, cuddly, boop-nosed fluff munch, your pet also moonlights as a North Pole elf? It’s true! Santa slid down your chimney one year and was greeted by the happy licks of your sweet little fur baby and knew that something so cuuuuuuute had a magic of its own and definitely needed to come help make his workshop a little more enchanting. Now that the secret’s out, your pet might just grant you a tour of Santa’s workship. His favorite stop is the Pet Pavilion, where he and the other elves create incredible toys for all the good puppers and kitties. His favorite? Definitely the Unlimited Treat Dispenser! Product DetailsYour best boi or girl will look cute as a but while spreading holiday cheer in this Christmas Elf Costume for Pets! The step-in costume is easy and quick to put on – perfect for the pets with chronic wigglies. The red and green “shirt” has a stuffed chest and long candy cane striped “sleeves” for your pet’s front legs. The pointed red and green elf hat is decorated with a holly cutout and a tiny pom-pom. The outfit comes with a cardboard present topped with a golden bow, which attaches to your pet’s hand via a hook and loop fastener. ‘Tis the SeasonLet your pet join in the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and show his or her skill at helping Santa get ready for the big day. Just remember to remind them not to chase the reindeer! 

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Pet Costumes CAFUN4221007

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Your pet can become one of Santa’s little helpers in this Christmas Elf Pet Costume! This adorable costume for cats or dogs is sure spread Christmas cheer throughout your household.
Product Group : Costumes
Category : Pet Costumes
Size : S,M,L

Product Name : Elf Pet Costume
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : Costumes
Product Sub-Group#2 : Costumes
Product Categories : Pet Costumes
Product Model : Pet Costumes CAFUN4221007 with Polyester

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