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Product : Wonder Woman Costumes
Model : RU701000
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Clearing a WayWonder Woman changed things. Before her, there were few strong female characters portrayed in comic books. Then, an Amazonian warrior with the strength of Superman and the wits of Batman stormed her way into DC comics. Thanks to her, we have a whole plethora of women superheroes! She blazed a path… and now, it’s your turn to step into her shoes.Sure, you might not exactly have the Amazonian training, and your dad might not be the Greek god, Zeus, but if you have courage, a strong sense of justice, and empathy for the human race, then we think you’re ready! The only thing you need is the right outfit to get your superhero career started the right way. That’s where this officially licensed Wonder Woman costume comes into play.Fun DetailsThis Women’s Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume is inspired by her outfit in DC’s cinematic universe! It captures the look of her red, blue, and gold armor set in the form of a spandex blend romper that stretches to fit. The length-adjustable shoulder straps are clear and help you adjust the fitting. The gold belt has felt backing and fits around your waist with a fastener in the back. The matching gold wrist cuffs look like the ones Wonder Woman uses in battle and the armband compliments the look. Finally, the boot tops are designed to work with most pairs of boots, so you wear your favorite pair of shoes with them. Put it all together and you have look that comes straight from the DC movies.Testing Your Heroic NatureIf you want to carry on Wonder Woman’s amazing legacy, or if you just want to test out your superhero skills at the next costume party, then this costume is your ticket to heroic feats!

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Wonder Woman Costumes RU701000

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Size : XS,XL,S,M,L

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