Adult White Costume Boots PLCAP100WH

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Product : Costume Shoes
Model : PLCAP100WH
Size : S

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Live on the EdgeNothing says you live on the edge of danger like wearing white on a night out. If you need to add a hint of danger to your costume this Halloween complete your head to toe transformation with these White Costume Boots! You can be a superhero setting off to save a damsel in distress or you could be a soldier in a galactic army from a galaxy far, far away. Either way, with these boots everyone will know that you mean business.The Slip, Zip, and Dip DesignThese boots are made up of a faux white leather and have rubber soles. Without laces but rather a side zipper, you’ll be ready to head out to any costume party in no time at all. Forget strapping up your boot laces, just slip your foot in, zip it up and dip on out!Welcome to the Danger-ZoneShow everyone what it’s really like living in the danger-zone this Halloween when you rock these White Costume Boots. You fear no stain! People will be drinking fruit punch left and right out on the dance floor but you won’t break a sweat. No, you’ll just show everyone that these boots know how to groove.

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Costume Shoes PLCAP100WH

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These Adult White Costume Boots are super versatile and can go with just about any costume. Whether you’re trying to be a Power Ranger, superhero of of any kind, or a storm trooper, you’ll look super cool and awesome.
Product Group : Costumes
Category : Costume Shoes
Size : S

Product Name : Adult White Costume Boots
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Product Model : Costume Shoes PLCAP100WH with Faux Leather