Adult Cyberman Full Zip Up Hoodie

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Fight Those FeelingsIt’s not that you don’t have emotions — it’s just that someone cranked your emotional inhibitor to full blast. The nice thing is there’s no way your emotions are going to stop you from taking over the world. Whether you were forcibly recruited to the Cyberman force or you are one of the leaders, that lack of emotion can be handy. No more embarrassing yourself during insurance commercials or getting angry when you get caught in traffic. If you’re ever going to get into poker you should do it while your inhibitor is on turned up to 11, so you can make decisions based on the odds, not on your desire to crush the table.Design & DetailsOnce you’re wearing this hoodie, nothing can stop you. Nothing, that is, except an electromagnetic bomb. Wait, that’s basically a magnet! That’s not a great form of kryptonite, better avoid those refrigerator magnets. This zip up hoodie is silver with mechanical details throughout and the glowing lifeforce in the middle. The hood zips up as well so you can fully morph into a Cyberman in an instant. What an easy way to upgrade! Best of all, the hoodie is officially licensed, which is kind of like an endorsement from David Tennant himself.

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Product Name : Adult Cyberman Full Zip Up Hoodie
Product Group : Fashion
Product Sub-Group#1 : T-Shirts
Product Sub-Group#2 : Apparel
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Product Model : EL404850

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